We are excited to announce that Global Sisters has partnered with the Visa She’s Next Grant Program!

It’s the first time Visa has brought its flagship initiative for women entrepreneurs – She’s Next
empowered by Visa – to Australia and New Zealand.

The program aims to uplift women entrepreneurs in their efforts to fund, run and grow their small businesses.

We could not be more thrilled to be able to announce our 7 brilliant finalists who will be
pitching for their share of $65,000 worth of grants at an event in Sydney on Friday 11th August.

Celeste Iannotta, Miluny - New South Wales

Celeste Iannotta, a proud Darug woman, founded Miluny in 2019 on Wiradjuri land. She crafts earth-based natural skincare products with native Australian ingredients. Running her own business provides flexibility for her son, who has special needs. Celeste recently opened her first studio, featuring a retail space, workshop area, massage space, and beauty bar.

“I’ve overcome immense hardship and now have this beautiful studio. I’m assisting women in need because of my life experiences,” she shares.

Celeste was awarded $5,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Catie Fry, Clovendoe Distilling Co. - Queensland

Catie used her distilling skills, nutrition therapy background and fascination with plants to launch Clovendoe, offering premium low and zero alcohol beverages with complex botanical compositions and seizing market opportunity ahead of evolving consumer trends in Australia’s drinking culture. 

Clovendoe now offers consumers a sophisticated, inclusive and progressive drinking experience while encouraging more mindful alternatives to mitigate the lure and abuse of alcohol in our society.

Catie was awarded $5,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Alies Bol, Frika Activewear - New South Wales

Alies introduces activewear featuring vibrant, bold, and eye-catching African prints, designed to be worn by people of all backgrounds, adding style and uniqueness to their active lifestyles.

Alies started her business after finding it difficult to buy clothes featuring the colourful prints of her home country. Self-taught in design and fashion, she learnt all she could at the library after work and eventually launched her own line during COVID.

Alies was awarded $5,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Joanne Diver, The Backyard Garden Enthusiast - New South Wales

As a micro seed farmer growing Australian native flowers and grasses, Joanne has built her business around the joy of noticing the smaller things in life and reaping the benefits of being outdoors and in nature.

Joanne started selling seeds, dried flowers and handmade garden-inspired ceramics after being forced to end her career in natural resources management. Establishing a business has given her a sense of purpose and worth that had been eroded.

Joanne was awarded $5,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Yoko Nakazawa, Cooking with Koji - Victoria

Yoko Nakazawa is passionate about Japanese traditional culture and fermentation. With a keen interest in fermentation culture globally, Yoko brings deep expertise in traditional Japanese fermentation and preserving techniques, such as making miso paste, soy sauce, mirin, nukazuke pickling among others.

Yoko’s organic miso is made to a centuries-old family recipe. It has featured in Minamishima restaurant, appeared on Masterchef, and is sold in boutique food stores and farmers markets across Victoria.

Yoko was awarded $5,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Tamarin Howse, The Better Tea Co - New Zealand

When she worked in a stressful corporate banking job, Tamarin and her colleagues would have a cup of tea together, joking that they were ‘anxietea’ sessions. She was later diagnosed with anxiety and created the range of teas to encourage a connective conversation around mental health while using ingredients that target anxiety.

Covid brought with it redundancy and the chance to focus on her business, which grew quickly. Tamarin’s products are stocked in 150 retail stores and The Better Tea Co. will next expand into Australia

Tamarin was awarded $10,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Tasmyn Roach, Awhi Company - New Zealand

With both Māori and Pākehā heritage, Tasmyn sees the business as a way to celebrate her cultural and ethnic identities. 

Awhi Company was born from her love of making baby blankets for close friends. ‘Awhi’ is a Māori word that means to nurture, cherish and cuddle. Each blanket, wrap and throw features Māori designs.

She has just opened her first physical store in Tauranga Moana, building on the success of online sales. The space allows Tasmyn, who has a baby of her own, to connect with the community and other mothers.

Tasmyn was awarded $5,000 at the Visa She’s Next Sister Pitch.

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Help us to #MakeBusinessPossible

Global Sisters exists to make business possible for women from all walks of life, enabling them to be financially resilient and stand tall. We provide a genuine alternative for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment or access decent, sustainable work.

Women have disproportionately been impacted by the economic effects of COVID, however, women’s micro business is an unsung hero and powerhouse of our economy, propping up thousands of Australian families and communities. Investing in women’s micro business represents a unique and powerful opportunity to create new businesses, new jobs and contribute to economic recovery.