Industry Runways

Industry Runways is a combination of The Lab & The Collab – incubators with on-ramps to industry collaborations and sales opportunities. They provide life-changing opportunities for Sister businesses and provide a pipeline of unique, purpose-led products for the industry.

The Lab supports women in key industries to develop their product/ service and brand so it has market potential.

The Collab is an industry incubator for selected Sisters, with on-ramps to sales opportunities. They receive industry leading advice and support on product development, marketing and sales.

Lifecycle of Business Support

Global Sisters provides a lifecycle of business support to Sisters with the goal of new micro businesses being launched and the female founders generating their own income through the business. We provide access to an e-commerce platform – The Marketplace – for Sisters to easily set up their own shop and sell online. Industry Runways support women’s micro businesses to develop their product or service so it is marketable – and provide sales opportunities via The Marketplace or through corporate partners.

Success Story

Goanna Hut & T2 (Unilever)

Global Sisters provided expert business development support to develop Jo-Ann’s native bush teas, which she sold on the side of her catering business. She was supported with branding, packing, pricing & scaled-up manufacture so that she could take up the deal with T2 to be stocked nationally in-store and online.

Jo-Ann, Goanna Hut

Jo-Ann is a Wiradjuri woman, single mother to three, carer to one special needs child, full time carer for terminally ill mother. She received this life-changing corporate deal, improving her financial resilience.

The Lab

What is The Lab?

The LAB is expert support for Sisters to develop a marketable product or service in a specific category or industry.

It includes a co-designed series of support that can include:

Feedback Panel

The company provides expert panelists to identify brand & market positioning barriers and provide practicable actionable advice to individual Sisters.

Coaching Program

The Sister is then matched with a Lab Coach who supports them in implementing the changes in their business.

Group Workshops

Your organisation can also run a series of group workshops or working sessions on areas such as:

  • Consumer insights & trends
  • Product development/innovation
  • Brand & packaging
  • Marketing & sales
  • Pricing & financing
  • Networks, sales & collab opps

Who is needed for a Lab?

Companies identify skilled team members who would like to participate in The Lab.

There are three engagement opportunities for your team:

Lab Expert Panelists

Marketing, sales, e-com & brand professionals from your company or partners with expertise in sectors such as:

  • Fashion & textiles
  • Beauty / personal care
  • Food, health & wellness

Lab Coaches

Generalist business coaches who provide accountability, cheerleading and support to an individual Sister to implement advice from The Lab expert panel.

Workshop Session Leads

Subject matter experts on your team who can run workshops or sessions with groups of Sister.

How does it work?

Expert panelists review a Sister(s) brand and socials, and you will hear a short pitch from the Sister.

Panelists either provide structured, offline feedback (that is consolidated with other panelist feedback) OR live feedback at an online event.

Time commitment

Review time: 1 hour

Event or feedback documentation: 1.5 hours

Sisters work on the expert advice and apply it to their business with the support of their Lab Coach.

Time commitment

Event time: 1 hour

Ongoing coaching agreement over a number of months to be a sounding board for Sisters as they implement advice from The Lab.

After an agreed period, the business improvements will be assessed and Sisters selected to participate in a smaller, bespoke group for The Collab.
Ultimately Labs are about overcoming barriers and accelerating business development so Sisters can grow their income and financial independence.

The Collab

What is The Collab?

The Collab is an R&D incubator and sales opportunity creator for a small, hand-picked group of Sisters or individual Sisters.

The Sisters will have the capacity to create unique offerings with powerful stories. They will have successfully implemented the product and brand positioning changes that were required for their business to be marketable.

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • high potential
  • brand alignment
  • strong motivation
  • capability to scale production

Who is needed for a Collab?

The company identifies pro bono volunteers from the organisation with the expertise and connections to bring the sales opportunity to life.

How does it work?

The Collab will be co-designed with Global Sisters and your organisation as an incubator for Sister businesses, creating a runway to corporate sales opportunities and/or collaborations.

The Sisters will have identified sales and growth goals for their business and The Collab will be designed to help them achieve those goals. Time commitment from your team is flexible. Global Sisters facilitates skilled volunteering opportunities that work around your business.

The aim of The Collab is to work 1:1 with Sisters to develop a specific sales opportunity that the company is providing or enabling. It will equip Sisters with the skills, networks and opportunities to secure corporate deals, partnerships or collaborations.


Benefits to your company

Meaningful, direct-impact skilled volunteering opportunities for you or your employees Flexible and accessible from anywhere volunteering opportunities for your team.

A pipeline of purpose-driven product partnerships or collaborations for your business- and all the wonderful story-telling opportunities this will provide.

Fulfilment of Brand SDG, ESG, Gender Equality and DEI commitments including Reconciliation Action Plans: we help companies keep their promises and meet their targets.

Benefits to Sisters

Tangible, practical support on product and brand development.

Runway to better sales on the Global Sisters Marketplace and other sales channels.

Opportunity for collaboration, stockists and partnerships with major retailers.

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