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Fiona Harrison, Founder Chocolate on Purpose x Julian Potter, Group Country Manager Visa

Catalina Gonzalez, Founder Vivacious x Naomi Simson, Co-Founder Big Red Group

Jessica Montrose, Founder The Natural Skin Store x Rachel Kelly, Afterpay EVP Global Store

Rhiannon Mitchell, Founder Salt Water Sistas x John Lydon, Co-chair Australian Climate Leaders Coalition

Madison Connors, Founder Fierce Tidda Club x Carol Schwarz AO, Director, The Trawalla Group

Hope Forrest, Founder Two Black Sheep (NZ) x David Newman, CEO & Partner Maddocks

Rachel Dal Zotto, Founder Why Wonder? x Louise Capon, General Counsel KPMG

Irene Mafara, Founder Financial Legacy Evolve x Greg Keith, CEO Grant Thornton

Ira Puspita, Founder Kayu & Co x Jodie Goldsworthy, Director Beechworth Honey Group

Ling McDonald, Founder Sustainable Pet x Helen Graney, Group Managing Director, Jack Morton & Weber Shandwick

Natalie Cunningham, Founder Native Swimwear x Edwina McCann, Editor Vogue

Alison Foley, Founder Ten Little Pieces x Steve Worrall, MD Microsoft ANZ

Yuko Nakao, Founder Shokunin Store x Shane Delia, Director Delia Group/Founder Providoor

Ashley Mardesic, Founder Peek A Bras x Alex Riggs, Founder OOBI

Maria McManus, Founder Xperitos Connect x Anthony Roediger, BCG Managing Partner

Ginan Tabbouch, Founder GTAB x Olivia Humphrey, Founder Kanopy

Jacque Opie, Founder COCO BINGE x Irene Tsang, Founder LIFTWomen

Asha Murphy, Founder Edu-fy x Vinay Samuel, Founder Zetaris

Cyana Duong, Founder Camie Fleur x Helen Stewart, Head of Financial Services Google Cloud

Maria Valenzuela, Founder Ayurveda Sol x Rebecca Newton, Head of Brand, Customer Acquisition & Loyalty, eBay

Fabiola Campbell, Founder Professional Migrant Women x Sandra Martinez, CEO Nestle Oceania

Alies Bol, Founder Frika Activewear x Jennifer Child, CEO Oroton

Julie Okely, Founder Dilkara x Fiona de Jong, Head of Australia’s Nation Brand

Catie Fry, Founder Clovendoe x Bill Heague, CEO Mars

Heike Stephan, Founder Memory Box x Belinda Everingham, Founder Bondi Wash

Nathalie Gits, Founder Violet & Gold x Tony Cartwright, CEO Tui Foods

Nelsa Simmonds, Founder THISISWHOIAM x Alice Kase, Partner PWC

Maryann Tsai, Founder Missy M Sweets x Charli Walters, Head of Marketing & Innovation Riviana Foods

Amber Bennett, Founder Ethics & Alchemy x Katie Burreket, Director Broun Abrahams Burreket

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Angie Poller, Founder Heat Wear You Need It x Russell Parker, CEO Melrose Group

#BackHerBrilliance: Sister Pitch 2021

Global Sisters has supported more than 5000 Australian women on their business journeys. Now we are challenging 30 of Australia’s leading CEOs, founders and senior executives to help us on our 5 year journey to see 17,000 new female-led micro businesses!


Global Sisters exists to make business possible for women from all walks of life, enabling them to be financially resilient and stand tall. We provide a genuine alternative for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment or access decent, sustainable work.

Women have disproportionately been impacted by the economic effects of COVID, however, women’s micro business is an unsung hero and powerhouse of our economy, propping up thousands of Australian families and communities. Investing in women’s micro business represents a unique and powerful opportunity to create new businesses, new jobs and contribute to economic recovery. To date our wonderful corporate partners have stood up to #BackHerBrilliance by providing over $2.6 million in pro bono coaching and business support transferred directly to emerging women-led micro businesses.

To create new jobs & improve women’s economic security, a group of 30 leading corporate CEOs, founder’s and senior executives are participating in 2021 Sister Pitch on November 9th 2021, from 10 am – 11:30am. At the event, Mandy Richards, CEO & Founder of Global Sisters will share the vision and what has been achieved so far, Sisters will pitch their businesses & access support from the CEOs in curated group breakout rooms, and we will celebrate the creation of more jobs for Australian women via micro business.

To support the 30 Sisters in Sister Pitch 2021, and the 1000 new Sisters will be supporting in 2022, click here to make a contribution. This will give you access to the livestream of Sister Pitch on November 9th at 10am. Join the celebration, be inspired and connect Sisters with the networks, opportunities and support they need to take their business to the next level.

If you would like to read more about Global Sisters’ impact, the SDGs we are working towards or out CSR program, please visit our Impact Platform